About Us

R is for Rebecca and J is for Justin - born and raised in the great state of Texas. We're a husband and wife team, married in May 2009. Other than photography, we've got a mad love for all things mustang (we own and show/race three!). We met in highschool (we know you're laughing at that photo over there), going on almost 14 years ago. After a few years of not hanging out as frequently, we wandered back into each other's lives only to discover we had the same camera. and lenses. and bought them for the same reason - to take pictures of our awesome cars of course. Fast forward to now. The cameras and lenses have changed, and so have our photo subjects. While we still enjoying showing off our cars, you can't really compare it to the way it feels to capture the range of emotion and love on a wedding day, or the pure and genuine love of life you can catch in a child's eyes, or the total happiness and fun that you're able to freeze in time with family sessions.

I (Rebecca) will be your main shooter 100% of the time. Justin 2nd shoots most of our weddings and sometimes engagements & out of town sessions.

I've got a shoe problem. And I'll pretty much find any reason to have a cupcake.
Justin will watch any and every movie out there, because he's afraid one day he'll be asked a million dollar question pertaining to movies and he won't know the answer.
I'm loud. Especially when I laugh. And I don't consider that a bad thing. Because I laugh alot.
Justin can talk to anyone. A-N-Y-one.

When I eat french fries, you can hear them screaming "save me!" because they're drowning in ketchup.
Justin's favorite food is fried cauliflower, but he doesn't get it very often because it's a messssss.
I'd tell you what my favorite colors were, but I'm pretty sure that's obvious.
Justin has played so many zombie first person shooter games on xbox that I think he's convinced we really will face a zombie apocalypse one day. Resident Evil & I Am Legend probably didn't help the matter either.

This pretty much says it alllllll (except the red car has been replaced by a green one! lol!)


If you've got any questions (or suggestions too!) - any at all - about our work, about us, wedding planning, or something completely un-related to photography, please don't hesitate to ask. Just shoot us an email.

Thanks for stopping by,
Rebecca (and Justin)

(Photo above by Leslie Spurlock!)
(Photo on homepage by Taryn Melgoza Photography)