Woolley Family / Houston, TX

These guys needed some new holiday family portraits...and with them being neighbors and friends of the Simpsons and having an adoption story of their own...I knew we'd have a great time. They are a beautiful family inside and out. Ben has since become a big brother and I cannot wait to give them a new family portrait this summer as part of my work with Red Thread Sessions!

 photo W1.jpg

 photo Woolley-111.jpg

img src="http://i603.photobucket.com/albums/tt111/randjstudios/Wooley/Woolley-106.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo Woolley-106.jpg"/>

 photo Woolley-109.jpg

 photo W2.jpg

 photo Woolley-127.jpg

 photo Woolley-126.jpg

 photo Woolley-123.jpg

 photo Woolley-120.jpg

 photo Woolley-130.jpg


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