Peyton's Book

My best friend Amanda approached me about making an album as a Christmas present for her soon to be father & mother in law. Of course i said yes! Unfortunately tho, mostly all we had of Peyton, was snap shots. Amanda had Peyton's mom email her some pictures without telling her what for, but none were of real high quality. I said...that's ok! Just get me a lot of them...and ill work with it! And that's exactly what we did. I had a few i had taken of her at the park around Easter i put those in there too. Peyton loves being outside. The colors, the animals, the flowers...So i tried to work that into the book. Peyton's mom loved it! As did I. I think ill create myself one of all the flower pics I took this past year and use it as a coffee table book or something. Anyway - here's the pages. Back Cover/Cover Spread first.

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