New Layout!

Looks a little different eh? Still tweaking, but this should be about the gist of it... need to add some more links up top and some other gadgets down below. My favorite thing about this new layout tho - i can post larger images!! I could've with the old layout too, but it seemed pointless 'cause i hated the layout so bad. ha! If you scroll down to the bottom, you'll see where i got this layout from...or i could just tell you here... Except, i took the background from a template other than this one, from the same site, and put it in this one, cause i liked it better. Go me.

PS - if you've looked at the website lately, you're probably going what the heck?! Ya, it's a bunch of jibberish. That's not a real language. Actually bought a template for that, and it needs WAY more customizing than this blog does. Still working on it...Should be up soon. Until then - just email


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