Wedding : Alisha & Chad

This past weekend we traveled to Temple to see my friend Alisha get married. She's a wonderful young woman that ive known since about 3rd grade. Her dad even used to be my preacher. Chad's grandfather is also a preacher, and he and Alisha's dad's both performed part of the ceremony. Very neat! We attended this wedding as guests. Guests that love to take photos. haha And well, I thought the wedding was 2 hours earlier than it was, so we were early guests too! Alisha's photographer was Crosswhite Photography, and she should produce some stellar photos. I had these ready for Alisha last night, so she could see how beautiful everything was from another perspective, before she left for her honeymoon this morning. There was no flash allowed during the ceremony, and her photographer had to shoot from the balcony after the bridal procession. Here's a few we were able to capture from the church pews.
Getting Ready -

The groomsmens bouts -

Alisha & Her dad

Such sweet stares :)

First Kiss as husband and wife

Mr. & Mrs.

Entering the Reception

First dance

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  1. We are so grateful to you guys and we LOVE your photos! You were wonderful and really captured some treasured moments. Thank you so much! Love, Alisha & Chad