Benefit Golf Tournament

This past weekend we went and photographed a benefit golf tournament for Jamie Merendino. Jamie is a childhood friend of a co-worker of mine. She was a cheerleader at UT and graduated from UT in 2005 and now works for D Magazine in Dallas. In June (at age 26) she was diagnosed with Mediastinum Large B Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Her brother organized a benefit golf tournament at Belle Oaks Golf Club on Saturday. You can also visit or and search for jmerendion. There was a silent auction at the welcome party on Friday, and between that and the golf tournament, they raised $23,000!

We were at the golf tournament from 8-1 on Saturday morning - the mosquitos were brutal!! Those suckers bit through my blue jeans and ignored the 3 layers of off i had on. But I think the photos turned out nice, and ill have those ready in a couple days. Cant wait for everyone to see!

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