April & Family - Pearland, TX Photography

I met April through my best friend, (Thanks Amanda!!) and she's every bit of sweet i was expecting and more. If you live in or around Houston, you know the crazy bit of weather we've had lately. It snowed last week (ya, i should probably post pics of that), then it warmed up for a day, then it rained, and then it's been just plain gross and moist and foggy, and today, well it's really cold. So, April and I were texting back and forth updating ourselves on the weather situation and whether or not we'd get to shoot Sunday morning. I said, well, if you're cool with being outside, my cameras are cool with being outside - so im going to head your way, and not stop til it storms. Luckily, it never came a down pour, just foggy, moist air. Arent the boys just the cutest!! So happy we got to do this shoot - and ill start out with Mom's favorite photo.

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