Black & White Wednesday - Husband & Wife

So here's the thing...I have a personal blog...because I was a knottie while planning my wedding and we all pretty much had one... but ive recently been turned on to photo challenges, and if I'm going to post them there, well, I should post them here too.

B&W Wednesdays started at The Long Road to China.

Today's photos are a teaser from Mandie & Michael's wedding on the 26th. I was particularly happy to photograph this wedding for many reasons...I've been photographing these two since before their son was born. Maternity photos. Luke's 1 yr portraits. His birthday party. Engagements. Her bridals. and then the Wedding. And as her matron of honor said in the toast...well, life is rollercoaster, and these two have just been enjoying the ride, through the ups and downs. I've seen them through the best and worst of days and where they are now is incredible. So here they are now in their first dance as husband and wife. Will post more soon!

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