That's what I sound like when Justin asks me to call and cancel an appointment with the personal trainer...

It's kind of like when I was young, me and my sister were cheerleaders for the peewee football teams in Rockdale, Tx. Every Saturday after the games we would go to McDonalds for chicken nuggets and sweet n sour sauce. I ate so many chicken nuggets that the mere thought of them right now makes me a bit queezy. We'd be at the table preparing to eat when I'd say "I need ketchup." Mammaw always said to just go up to the counter and ask for some. But...but...but... and I'd be quiet as I just stared at the ground and my bottom lip would start to quiver. My sister was two years younger, but she had no problem taking her squeaky voice to the counter and asking for some for me. I don't know what was wrong with me.

And I still don't know what's wrong with me. I hate cancelling things like that. Or maybe I don't mind cancelling and I just don't like having to come up with a reason for actually cancelling. I stutter. I go silent. I start shaking with nerves. I'm aware it sounds kinda pathetic.

But none the less... Thanks Sarah for getting all my ketchup for me when I was younger. I love ketchup. Here's me and Sarah last year on the way to Dave & Buster's.


  1. that was great, becca! i can see it in my head. you were so shy! and sarah was and is still the opposite!

  2. Funny stuff! So did you get some ketchup at Dave and Buster's? HAAAAAAAA Ya don't have to give a reason to cancel anything, none of their business!