It's All in the Details (our new logo!)

Come on, tell me you've seen the new logo? :) I wanted to share some awesome people and their creative skills with you, in case you need some help of your own.

If you've scrolled down the the bottom to look in the archives or check out different categories, you might see this flashy new button down there, directing you to Kevin & Amanda. Amanda is of the seriously creative and generous kind, and she creates some very neat fonts. She'll even turn your handwriting into a font! And best of all? She shares them out of the goodness of her heart, and let's you use them for free. I don't have a sidebar at the moment, so I hope my bottom "sidebar," (i guess that'd be footer?) works just as well, and i do plan on making a special links of interest page in the future. :) I have many of her fonts installed on my computer, but I've never used them commercially until now. The "r" and the "j" and the word "blog" up there come from her font Baby Bowser, and I couldn't have written something more perfect if I tried.

The "&" sign up there is the neatest "&" sign I've seen in all my fonts. That alone comes from Kingthings and his Kingthings Wrote font. He simply asks that you tell the world if you enjoy his fonts, so that's what I'm doing. He's got some unique stuff over there. The rest of the wording is from the Salaryman font at Rotodesign. He's got a neat looking website, and some free and purchasable fonts too!

Now, I had sketched lots and lots of ideas and came up with the generic layout and fonts I wanted to incorporate. I got Justin's ok to proceed with the basics of what you see now. Then, I called upon Laurel from Go Against the Grain to help me finalize everything. Laurel makes all sorts of tags and flags for straws and cupcakes that would make great additions to your tables at Christmas & every other holiday, as well as weddings and showers and birthday parties. She also designs monograms and wedding stationary/maps. So contact her if you've got a special event coming up.

If i can just get the business cards completed now, i'll show those to you as soon as they're done. Hope these fabulous websites I shared inspire and help you.

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