Monday Mishmash / 10 /

It's Monday again? Sheesh. Well, as of this weekend, wedding season is officially here! Which would explain why I'm so tired today. No no, maybe it's also because of the Mother's day festivities and Justin's insistance that we go see Thor.

/ Thor /
It was good. I expected more. But it was good. As with all Marvel movies...stay til the credits are over!

/ Milk Duds /
Justin always used to ask me if I wanted any of his milk duds. I suppose he knew how much I like caramel & chocolate, because that's always the first piece of candy I reach for in the boxes of Valentine chocolate. I always refused the milk duds. I didn't know what they were! I thought they were malt chocolate, like whoppers. Heaven forbid I actually read the box. I think he regrets ever telling me what they really were.

/ Mother's Day /
I know it was yesterday. I hope you all had a great one! I didn't get to see my mother, so a phone call had to do. And I don't quite think that's good enough, so she gets a shout out today too! From left to right: Mammaw Ray (my great grandma), Mammaw Turner (grandma), My Mom, Justin's mom. His grandparents couldn't make it to the wedding :(  (PS - our 2nd anniversary is next Monday!). Happy Mother's day (again!) to all!

Have a good week y'all!

(Images above courtesy of Leslie Spurlock)

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