Monday Mishmash #12 / Welcome back!

I didn't formally announce anything but I kinda took the month of June off. The blog and facebook were pretty quiet, but I put all that to an end this past weekend. I had 2 really great sessions that I can't wait to blog about, and I also have some fabulous things to show you that were snapped prior to the break! This week should be an exciting one as I get back into the groove of things!

Is it just me, or does anyone else royally hate their iphone? I can't figure out if it's my iphone 4 or AT&T's service, but my gosh I want to throw it against the concrete and run it over. 5 bars of 3G signal with a web page "loading" with it showing nothing happening next to the 3G signal. Enough to make me crazy.

It's disgustingly hot outside around here lately...almost too hot for pics. Almost! ... but that doesn't stop us from doing our car thing. We've got a new car to wash and wax and take out on Saturday nights. We got rid of the little mini cooper (sad face!), and I also sold my black 2000 mustang GT (double sad face!!). It was replaced with this!

For you other car folks - She's a 2008 Mustang GT Premium. Bought her with about 23k miles. Within 48 hrs I had already purchased the Bassani Street Race axle-back and Justin installed it. A week later, still with paper plates, the JLT cold air induction, SCT tuner, front chin spoiler, and the GT500 rear spoiler had all been delivered and I spent that Friday evening installing those things. Yes, I said I. Justin helped, but I did most of it ;) This past Friday, we dropped her off to have the stripes added. I really missed the wow factor that my 2000 GT had with her hood, and I wanted it back! I think these stripes did the trick!

Have a great week y'all! (and stay cool!)

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