Kelly Moore Bag Review

It was the only thing I wanted for Christmas last year - a Kelly Moore Bag. I talked about it for months! So when it came time to open presents and I pulled out the Kelly Moore B-Hobo bag, I was transferring my camera into it within seconds! If mine looks a little rough, it's because I take it everywhere. It comes with me to the racetrack, my sister's football games, family birthday parties, the rodeo, concerts, baseball games, vacation, and anywhere else where I would generally want to take my camera but not be quite so obvious. I can throw my camera body in there (gripped or not), 2 lenses, my pixel pocket rocket, and I can fit a flash too depending on lens choice, but it's not pictured. There's also plenty of pockets that hold my phone, wallet, keys, business cards, chap stick, and extra batteries!

I can remember dragging my purse AND domke bag to certain personal events, and well, that wasn't really cute or functional to lug around 2 bags. I love that my Kelly Moore Bag looks and works like a purse...that just happens to hold my camera gear. That's pretty much what I use it for. While I certainly could carry it on me while shooting portraits or weddings, I have a different bag that I prefer for that, and will write about soon. There are two ways to carry the Kelly Moore B-Hobo Bag - with the short strap, like a purse, or the long strap, like a messenger bag - and where I'm at usually denotes which way I carry it. I don't know whether you're supposed to have both straps on at once, but I usually keep them both attached. They are easily removed tho if one gets in your way.

I certainly hope to add another style to my bag collection soon - hopefully in a brighter color!

Pictured gear:
Canon 5D MkII w/strap from Phat Straps, 70-200 f/2.8L, 50mm f/1.2L, Pixel Pocket Rocket, Iphone

(sometimes i even double stack my smaller lenses like the 50mm & the 17-4)

I'd recommend this camera bag to women everywhere, regardless of skill level or how often you actually shoot. It's pretty dang near perfect.

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