Cy-Creek High School 2011-2012 Cheerleaders

High school football season is officially over. Manvel lost the state championship :( and I got to attend Cy-Creek's last game of the year back in November. I was able to attend 3 home games this year just like I had hoped to, yay! It's a long drive over there with horrible traffic, but seeing my baby sister involved in one of my favorite memories of high school is so worth it. Except well, I was IN the bleachers giving the cheerleaders something to dance to ;) I've had the pleasure of photographing many of these young ladies outside of the football games, and can't wait to do so again! Thanks for always being fabulous girls, and welcoming me on the field like I'm one of you! :)

Girls/Parents - if you'd like a copy of any of the photos, Liz gets a cd of the photos, or you can email me below so I can send them to you. Go Creek!


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