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No, I'm not JUST jumping on this Pinterest bandwagon...the truth is I've had an account for months. It's just that prior to yesterday, I think I had a whopping 5 or 6 pins because I just didn't get it. It seems the primary uses are for "pinning" recipes (I hate cooking), do it yourself crafts and home decor (I told you interior designing would've never worked), and piecing the latest clothing trends together (ha! i just bought my first pair of skinny jeans like 2 months again). So the first time I logged on, I just laughed and forgot about it. I was on twitter yesterday and happened to catch a quick convo between Reggie & Jeremy about pinning when it hit me like a ton of bricks. You folks out there are pinning like crazy. You're using it to plan your weddings. Everything from the decor, to the cake, your dress, and your shoes. You're picking out the types of photos you want to have of yourself. And decorating your baby's nurseries. Or finding new ways to display photos in your home. You're taking all the things you LIKE and putting them in one single that you can access from any web enabled device. It's the exact same thing my teacher had me do in graphic design class, except I had to print things out and keep them in a binder because pinterest wasn't around yet. I still have that binder. I still look through that binder. That binder holds my own favorite things that I've designed, and magazine spreads, and patterns, and inspirational photographs. I'm taking that binder digital y'all!

Before the binder, I had a completely unorganized list of favorites in internet explorer. At least the binder had dividers! But alas, I'm going to post some favorite photos of my own. Favorite photos of others. Crazy ideas I wish I'd have been the one to think of. Weddings I never could have dreamed of. Shoes...sweet shoes. Fashion I wish I knew how to pull off. Home decor that I love for when my house gets remodeled in a couple of months. Heck, I might even try some recipes! If you're my bride, I want to see your wedding come together!  I can't think of a good reason NOT to be on pinterest. It's just as good of a networking tool as facebook. Goodness I was on a social networking roll last night too. I added a pin it button to these blog posts, so you can share them easier (I found out some of you had been sharing anyway...rock on!). I fixed the facebook like/share button. And I finally made a custom twitter background. I don't know what got into me, but I like it. I just hope I didn't set the productive bar too high too early in the year. LOL! February is off to an awesome start and now I'm blabbin' too much.

Have a good weekend y'all!


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  1. You're too kind to link to my GeezerChronicles! I am glad and proud that you were my student; you were a really good designer and photographer then, but now you have really taken off to great heights! Look at where your vision has brought you! And I like to think that the "Stuff i Like" folder had a hand in it! I just wish I'D have thought of Pinterest!

    Keep up the fantastic work! ;)