Friday Phone Pics

Just thought I'd have some fun with the latest snaps from my phone! Nothing fancy today. :)

1 - Some glittery heels I scored at JCPenney for 15 bucks last weekend!
2 - Ah, my first attempt at pinterest recipes...keepin' it simple for starters! I found this recipe and used my favorite, red velvet!
3 - Found Rachael Ray's recipe for this turkey/cream cheese/cucumber wrap on pinterest too. Delicious and so simple!
4 - I've never paid that much for gas in my life. And yet I refuse to de-tune my car ;)
5 - New biz cards. Well, one set of 'em.
6 - Our azaleas are bloomin' know, 'til they fall off this weekend.
7 - Lacy from More Than an Image Photography sent me this lovely package from Lush! Never used their products before but I hear they're pretty divine. Mmm!
8 through 12 - Draw Something. Play me! BDavis516 :) I've drawn aladdin, autobots, octopus, mario, & luigi! hahaha!


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