Monday Mishmash / 14

    It IS Monday right?! Between last week and the one ahead... I haven't been able to keep track!

So basically, I'm writing this (2nd post today, ha!) to say...I know it was quiet here. If you follow us on Facebook, I apologized once already. Lol! We were prepping for this past weekend. And if you follow me on Instagram (@BDavis516), you'll have seen some photos already. It was MY turn to drive at MSR Houston, for an event called The Driver's Edge. I will post about it once more in a little while, after Justin edits the actual videos from inside the car, and some rolling shots he took. Until then, here's a quick excerpt from his iphone from my last run session of Day 1, rounding the last turn of the course.
(I'm in the red Shelby GT500 with white stripes, in case you didn't know) ;)

In addition to learning high performance driving skills, we also learned how to tell if you're dehydrated, and quickly figured out you can drink a whole lot more water than you ever imagined!

There's a ton to look forward here on the blog now that that's over. In the meantime, check out another wedding I 2nd shot for Ever After Photography.

Have a great week y'all!


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