Miller Family / Webster, TX / Fun Family Photography

I've pretty much loved every photo I've ever taken of Kelly & Andrew. The whole family is just so photogenic and such a pleasure to photograph! And now they've got Miss Caroline, and she's just as cute as the rest of the fam. It rained the day of our scheduled session and we decided to wait it out and see it cleared up that afternoon. Well, it cleared up alright. And left us a completely flooded area where I'd planned to shoot, lots of bugs, and a ton of humidity. Oh well. We pressed onward, because we had way too much fun planned. So we started off sweet & simple...and then changed clothes and prepared for battle. My Express jeans and newly purchased rain boots took a hit... but it was worth it. :)



  1. this is the coolest family session!! What a great idea!

  2. Gosh, My kids look like total badaces in the last one. haha. These are wonderful, as usual. Thank you! <3