Shannon & Kyle / Montgomery, TX Photography

Shannon entered the session giveaway earlier this year... and won! Her story went like this: "When thinking of where I’d love to have a shoot, tons of ideas ran through my head. In a very eclectic spot downtown or even on the beach would be amazing but to identify “us” a couple….the most ideal location would be with my husband’s truck on some back road. It isn’t anything special or super big, but it is what kept us going for years. We lived miles and miles away from each other for such a long time and travelled every few days to see each other. Even if it was for 24 hours, he would drive to me or I would drive to him. We worked different schedules and between his old ‘farm truck’ and my old mustang, we tore up 45 on bald tires and love. Almost 7 years later, we still have the truck and when we need to get away, we take it out for our a little country driving."

So we took that same truck, in a cute country area (and the church they got married in!), and captured their shining smiles. Although most of mine and Shannon's time was spent trying to get Kyle to loosen up, we got him to crack just a bit, and laughed the entire time. Shannon & Kyle - thank you so much for supporting us online! It was my absolute pleasure to capture these for you! The fact that your story contained a mustang was just a bonus ;)


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