Baby at the Beach / Maclaren's 9 Month Session

Oh boy - I know you all remember this precious beauty! Each session continues to top the previous one. I mean really, I got a sandcastle prop this time you guys! (Way to go dad!!!) I think we had way too much fun this go 'round. Is that possible? We visited familiar places and included special parts of previous shots. And we had such beautiful light. We hung out and played in it until we just couldn't anymore. It was marvelous. See for yourselves :)

Galveston Texas sandcastle on the beach, beautiful baby

Mom and Dad took their engagement photos in front of this same blue wall :)

The same suitcase we've used all along :)

We totally took the same picture a year ago :)

This light and these colors kill me. Soooooo pretty.

My goodness I can't wait to see them again next month!!



  1. Always anticipate what the results are and these are great as usual. Cannot believe she is almost a year old already. Thank you Rebecca for growing with us and for this collection of great memories.

  2. I bumped into your website looking for someone else and I just LOVE these!!! Great job!!!