Product Spotlight / Standouts & Canvas Wraps

So you said you wanted an 8x10 canvas wrap.
Do you know what your other options are or how big (or small) an 8x10 really is? Let's look at a couple options :)

Below, you have a 16x20 canvas wrap behind an 8x10 standout. Other than size, they look about the same from the front yes? They're printed on different materials tho. Which one would you rather have sitting on your mantel?

The canvas wrap & standout may look similar from the front, but they look entirely different from the side. Your wrap extends over the edges. A standout can have a black, white, light wood, or stainless edge. Both products can be printed with a standard & thicker width also. Neither product needs a frame (way cool!). Square & Custom sizes also available.

I can't wait to see how you choose to decorate your home! :)



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