Houston, I Have a Cupcake Problem

Last week while I was on a stay-cation, I had my friend Brandy in town. Let's just say...we went on a cupcake adventure and documented it thoroughly via instagram. Let me fill you in as I sit here and think about how much jogging I need to do.

1 - Crave Cupcakes - University, not Uptown. I had pumpkin and red velvet, and they gave us a free breakfast cupcake since it was later in the day. Always delicious.

2 - The Sweet Boutique in Sugarland. I probably visit them the most frequently because they're closest to me. And they're so nice. And yummy. And have macarons. Strangely delicious ones too like rose and lavender. I had the raspberry cheesecake cupcake for the first time and it was goooooood.

3 - Rise Cupcakes in Friendswood. I don't visit here too much because they don't use cream cheese on the red velvet cupcake. Blasphemy! That and I always have to ask them what's this one? What's in that cupcake? And i'm always confused by all the hip names they give them. BUT, I totally appreciate they have some nice flavor combos. Like the Hound Dog. I love their banana cupcakes because they arent overly banana. And the lemon too. mmm

4 - Frost Bake Shoppe near Woodlands Waterway. I wish they weren't so far away. My first visit there and it was so so so yummy. I think they may have the best pumpkin cupcake in town. The caramel apple was to die for. Red Velvet was cream cheesefully delicious. And the samoas tasted like...well, the girl scout cookie. Must. Go. Back.

5 - So true. Cute sign I found at Garde Ridge!

6 - The ever wonderful Sprinkles cupcakes on Westheimer. Brandy wasn't impressed when she went to the Dallas location, so I convinced her to try it again and she was glad she did. I'd like to recommend the smore cupcake to you but I can't - it was SO messy. Like falling all to pieces graham cracker in my hair sticky marshmallow messy. I got it everywhere. Now, the salted caramel there? Best in town. I loved that they didnt use a chocolate cupcake. It was so delightful! I also think they have the best red velvet but I passed on it this time since I always get it. The chocolate marshmallow never disappoints tho.

7/8 - Celebrity Cupcakes in Rice Village. I always get the minis here. Hummingbird, Key Lime, Lemon, and Fleur de Sel. The choc. ganache is too strong for me, but everything else has such a light refreshing taste.

9 - Cupcake for my new office! Found at garden ridge.

10 - The Cupcake Shack in Spring. The concept is cool. But they don't quite compare to everywhere else we visited. I may try another flavor or two if I'm in the area ever again just to see tho.

11/12 - Southern Buttacup. Ok so Brandy didn't go with me here. And this is where I'm going to have a problem. This place had a soft opening Saturday and is now THE closest to me. AND they're delicious. It's about time Pearland got a cupcake place on this side of town. They use bigger wrappers than most, and the icing just sort of settles nicely in there. I had a key lime, orange creamsicle, buttercream with cream cheese, and a strawberry. I'm going back to get some at lunch today to share. They had candy apples and they were setting up candy. and the decor is cute too. Help me!! LOL


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