September Shootout / Caleb

Back in September, I put out a casting call for some "models." They would get digital files in exchange for their time, in which myself and three other photographers would photograph them. Just for funsies, to try out new lenses, or techniqes, or ask other photographers questions...whatever we felt like doing. I will always post those requests on facebook first (and generally have positions filled within an hour), so make sure you're following us there if you're interested in posing for us next time!
Caleb's mom messaged me and volunteered Caleb, since well, he couldn't do it himself. She said he might run away from the camera, and some of the other photographers hadn't shot little ones before so I knew it was going to be fun ;) Here's a few of Caleb from all of us!

The next three images are by Stacy Anderson
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Image on the bottom left by Philicity at Epic Impressions Photography
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Image on the bottom right by Candice at C. Smith Photography


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