Monday Mishmash #18 / Christmas

You guys...if it's been quiet around here, it's because I'm busy editing and prepping pics for everyone's Christmas cards. This is by far THE busiest fall season I've had yet. And the only part I'm not loving about it is not having the time to blog past sessions. BUT, I promise you when the rush is over (the 15/16 is the last weekend I'm taking sessions for 2012), there's some exciting things in store... like oh I don't know, a NEW WEBSITE! I'm so freaking excited. And the option for USB drives instead of dvds!

I'm also excited because by then I'll probably be able to start showing you some of the utterly adorable Christmas sessions I've had this year, that I'm having to hold hostage on my hard drive as to not spoil any surprises. It's torture!     

Speaking of Christmas sessions, I had two yesterday at a local Christmas tree farm. And let me tell you, if you're looking for a place to pick out and/or even cut down your own tree this year, be sure to check out Spring Creek Growers in Magnolia. They are by far the friendlest bunch of folks you'll ever meet, and it was a gorgeous drive out to their property.

Thank you all for such a wonderful year. We'll get back to regularly blogging soon :) In the mean time, here's a favorite from our last engagement session!


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