Monday Mishmash #19 / Ok, So It's Tuesday

I could very easily go back and date this post to yesterday...but well, that'd be misconceiving now wouldn't it. Besides, far too much happened today, that I couldn't have posted about yesterday. So here it goes...

We found out our poor dog has a fracture or two in his left front leg. No idea how on earth they got there, and we have to go see a specialist in the morning. Not looking forward to it. Especially if they have to sedate and xray him again :( It's the worst feeling in the world knowing he's in pain, and I can only imagine how you mommies of non furry kiddos must feel in the same situation. It's terrible!

I think I finished all of my Christmas shopping today...well, except for Justin's. He swears up and down I shouldn't get him anything, but that's no fun. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I tend to go go overboard. Except for some reason, I couldn't get into it much this year. We're not quite back in our house yet, we have no decorations up, and between all that and other things going on in the world, there's a whole lot of not quite cheeriness surrounding Christmas 2012. Until I started shopping... then I went overboard. Which is typical. I love giving.

Speaking of giving...yesterday (you know, Monday actually), I had something on my mind all day, weighing my heart down, and couldn't find the words to express what I wanted to say. Until this morning. Leslie's status said everything I had been wanting to. With the recent tragedy in Newtown, CT, I couldn't help but wonder when the last time these families had family portraits taken. Had they even had any taken at all. I'll never know, but I know I can help someone else not have to worry about it. We don't know what tomorrow is going to throw at us, but everyone should be able to relive their yesterdays through photographs. Other photographers who have seen mine and Leslie's facebook posts are joining in what we're calling The Olivia Act, in honor of 6 year old Olivia Engel, who had recently had professional portraits taken. The Olivia Act is where we are donating 30 minutes of our time to a family in need of updated portraits. Just because we want to. I'll be contacting my family shortly.

Edit - The Olivia Act now has a facebook page! Please go like it!!

Merry Christmas everyone! Here's another photo from my other Christmas tree farm session, which will be posted in full soon :)


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