Traci & John / Houston Engagement

     Traci & John were recently married this year in a beautiful ceremony at Hotel Zaza. I'll blog that soon, but wanted to show you their engagement photos first. Traci mentioned taking pictures with John's BMW...and I knew she was my kind of bride! On the way to the session, it was raining off and on. We all get to the session...and it's raining. We decided to wait it out. There was a small covered area at our location, so we headed to it and decided to start shooting what we could. Within 10 minutes, the rain had stopped and left us with a beautiful morning. Whew!!

Houston Texas Engagement Photography with BMW M3

 photo TJE-101.jpg

 photo TJ1.jpg

 photo TJE-109.jpg

 photo TJE-110.jpg

 photo TJ2.jpg

 photo TJE-113.jpg

 photo TJ3.jpg

 photo TJE-118.jpg

 photo TJ4.jpg

 photo TJE-133.jpg

 photo TJ5.jpg

 photo TJE-148.jpg

 photo TJE-142.jpg

 photo TJ6.jpg

 photo TJE-153.jpg

 photo TJE-163.jpg

 photo TJE-170.jpg

 photo TJ7.jpg


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