Brandy & Corey Part 1

    You know those friends, that you don't have to see very often, to know they care? So that's Brandy. After the surprise photos for her husband, Corey, while he was deployed, they both came to visit from north Texas before the big move to Germany. Corey had asked me to shoot their actual proposal...but plans changed and they weren't going to make it to Houston while he was in the country last fall. But they did make it Boston to see Brandy's beloved Red Sox, and Corey did arrange to have the proposal photographed! Which of course, got Brandy planning a trip for the two of them to Houston anyway! Because who else was going to take their engagement photos? :) With Corey in the military, we had to incorporate his uniform. And that brings us to part one...

 photo BC-4.jpg

 photo BC-1.jpg

 photo BC1.jpg

 photo BC-11.jpg

 photo BC2.jpg

(yes that's a blanket, not a flag ;) )

 photo BC-10.jpg

 photo BC-16.jpg

 photo BC-63.jpg

 photo BC-54.jpg

 photo BC3.jpg

 photo BC-55.jpg


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