Corinne & Chris / Maternity

I recently got o meet Baby Kylie in all her Aggie glory, and I'll introduce you to her soon too! But check out how happy her parents were waiting for her to make her entrance :)

 photo Corinne8.jpg

 photo Corinne11.jpg

 photo Corinne14.jpg

 photo Corinne17.jpg

 photo Corinne20.jpg

 photo Corinne30.jpg

 photo Corinne32.jpg

 photo Corinne33.jpg

 photo Corinne35.jpg

 photo Corinne38.jpg

 photo Corinne42.jpg

 photo Corinne46.jpg

 photo Corinne47.jpg

 photo Corinne48.jpg

 photo Corinne49.jpg


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