Jasmine / Reagan High School Senior 2013

Where oh where do I start with Princess Jasmine? (she loves princess jasmine and could totally pull the princess thing off!) Jasmine loves her school and opted to have her senior session on the grounds there. I spent half the time hoping the sprinklers wouldn't come on on the field, and the other half secretly hoping that they did! (they didnt tho) I couldn't pick a favorite image...I just loved them all!

 photo Jasmine7.jpg

 photo Jasmine10.jpg

 photo Jasmine15.jpg

 photo Jasmine27.jpg

 photo Jasmine41.jpg

 photo Jasmine42.jpg

 photo Jasmine46.jpg

 photo Jasmine47.jpg

 photo Jasmine51.jpg

 photo Jasmine58.jpg

 photo Jasmine59.jpg

 photo Jasmine65.jpg

 photo Jasmine66.jpg

 photo Jasmine71.jpg

 photo Jasmine73.jpg

 photo Jasmine77.jpg

 photo Jasmine78.jpg

 photo Jasmine79.jpg


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