Anglelina is One! / Galveston, TX Family Photography

        Miss Angelina is such a pleasure to have in front of the camera! Sand, cake, didn't matter, she was all smiles! And her big brother had no problem cheesin' for me either :) Had a great year with their family!                      

 photo Angelina11.jpg

 photo Angelina12.jpg

 photo Angelina13.jpg

 photo Angelina15.jpg

 photo Angelina115.jpg

 photo Angelina117.jpg

 photo Angelina120.jpg

 photo Angelina124.jpg

 photo Angelina126.jpg

 photo Angelina130.jpg

 photo Angelina133.jpg

 photo Angelina135.jpg

 photo Angelina136.jpg

 photo Angelina142.jpg

 photo Angelina144.jpg

 photo Angelina146.jpg


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