Evelyn & Melvyn / Spring, TX Engagement Photography

          I coulda sworn I'd blogged these already buuuuut, I didn't. So seeing that I'm half way done with their wedding photos...Let me show you these first! I totally got stung by a bee while photographing these two. We've joked about it ever since. Better me than them tho! The whole session was filled with fun & laughter (and ice cream!). And the wedding was too (substitute snow cones for the ice cream!). Enjoy!

 photo EME2.jpg

 photo EME5.jpg

 photo EME8.jpg

 photo EME12.jpg

 photo EME15.jpg

 photo EME19.jpg

 photo EME23.jpg

 photo EME25.jpg

 photo EME29.jpg

 photo EME35.jpg

 photo EME36.jpg

 photo EME40.jpg

 photo EME46.jpg

 photo EME49.jpg

 photo EME50.jpg

 photo EME51.jpg

 photo EME55.jpg

 photo EME61.jpg

 photo EME63.jpg

 photo EME67.jpg


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