Maclaren / 18 Months

      Six months after her last photo session - and getting cuter!  And becoming such the fashionista! Definitely my favorite of all her sessions so far. I smile every time I look at these!         

daddy daughter tea party

 photo Maclaren18m2.jpg

 photo Maclaren18m5.jpg

 photo Maclaren18m9.jpg

 photo Maclaren18m12.jpg

 photo Maclaren18m16.jpg

daddy daughter tea party

 photo Maclaren18m20.jpg

 photo Maclaren18m23.jpg

 photo Maclaren18m24.jpg

 photo Maclaren18m27.jpg

 photo Maclaren18m29.jpg

 photo Maclaren18m31.jpg

 photo Maclaren18m36.jpg

 photo Maclaren18m40.jpg

 photo Maclaren18m45.jpg

 photo Maclaren18m48.jpg

 photo Maclaren18m52.jpg


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  1. I agree, these are also my favorites too!