Bowman Family / Micah is 3 Months! / Discovery Green, Houston, TX

This handsome little fellow is going to be seeing just a little more of me over the next few months. I missed out on shooting his newborn photos, but every three months after that? I get to capture him and his whole family's cuteness. I do believe he's going to have a bow tie in every session. hehe! Can't wait to see him again!

Baby with a Passport, Discovery Green Houston Texas Photography

 photo Bowman1.jpg

 photo Bowman3.jpg

 photo Bowman4.jpg

 photo Bowman9.jpg

 photo Bowman10.jpg

 photo Bowman12.jpg

 photo Bowman22.jpg

 photo Bowman15.jpg

 photo Bowman31.jpg

 photo Bowman23.jpg

 photo Bowman27.jpg


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