Chrissy & Roy / Engagement in Downtown Houston

I was so excited to shoot these two. Chrissy sent me the most fun email about where they wanted to shoot - at La Carafe in downtown Houston, sent me a picture of themselves (we hadn't met before), and had some great ideas. She was even more enthusiastic after she saw the photos - and they're defffffinitely some of my favorites of the year too. We had a fantabulous time, and I know their wedding at the end of May is going to simply wonderful. Can't wait to celebrate!

 photo CRE2.jpg

 photo CRE4.jpg

Engagement Photos in a Bar, Houston Texas

 photo CRE8.jpg

 photo CRE12.jpg

 photo CRE17.jpg

 photo CRE19.jpg

 photo CRE21.jpg

 photo CRE27.jpg

 photo CRE32.jpg

 photo CRE35.jpg

 photo CRE36.jpg

 photo CRE37.jpg

 photo CRE42.jpg


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