Jason & April / Happy Anniversary

              If I had even 1/4 of the creativity that this lovely lady has in her...I'd be happy. I've had the pleasure of seeing her ideas come to life many times now, and am always amazed. She's got a great eye for photography too, and was excited when she asked me to photograph this particular occasion! She planned an anniversary dinner at the house - complete with calligraphy that matched their wedding invites, a complete table setting, a chef to make dinner, quite a cute cake, and oh yeah, she totally wore her wedding dress.

Happy Anniversary!!

 photo AprilJason1.jpg

 photo AprilJason5.jpg

 photo AprilJason4.jpg

 photo AprilJason7.jpg

 photo AprilJason3.jpg

 photo AprilJason2.jpg

 photo AprilJason6.jpg

 photo AprilJason8.jpg

 photo AprilJason9.jpg

 photo AprilJason12.jpg

 photo AprilJason10.jpg

 photo AprilJason13.jpg

 photo AprilJason15.jpg

 photo AprilJason14.jpg

 photo AprilJason16.jpg

 photo AprilJason17.jpg

 photo AprilJason18.jpg

 photo AprilJason20.jpg

 photo AprilJason19.jpg


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