Stavinhoa Family Portraits / Friendswood, TX

I missed out on taking their family portraits last year, with too full of a schedule to squeeze them in. Imagine my delight when they contacted me again this year to try again! Yay!! All the silly attempts to get giggles and smiles were worth it.

 photo Stavinoha2.jpg

 photo Stavinoha6.jpg

 photo Stavinoha7.jpg

 photo Stavinoha12.jpg

 photo Stavinoha15.jpg

 photo Stavinoha18.jpg

 photo Stavinoha21.jpg

 photo Stavinoha24.jpg

 photo Stavinoha27.jpg

 photo Stavinoha28.jpg

 photo Stavinoha31.jpg

 photo Stavinoha32.jpg

 photo Stavinoha35.jpg

 photo Stavinoha43.jpg

 photo Stavinoha38.jpg

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