Did someone say Mustang?

Fun Fact #1 - I bought my first DSLR to take photos of my car. so that i could in turn, make better signatures for the car club forums i was a member of. Which is also why i went to graphic design school. Where i met my cool teacher, who showed me portraits he took...and then well, then i discovered how much fun i had doing that instead.

If you're my friend on facebook instead of/in addition to being a fan of the page, you might be tired of hearing about my car. hehehe - it received a fresh spankin' new paint job last week, and is currently being polished and waxed to perfection. The last few days and the next few days look to be absolutely disgusting outside, but i was so eager to take a picture of my car, i couldnt stand to wait any longer. It's seriously, probably been 2 years since this thing was last in front of the camera. Even the shot in last year's Black Mustang Club calendar was a year or two old. That made me sad. I couldnt even take our engagement pictures in front of my car...we had to use Justin's silver one. and drive away in it at the wedding. But alas - my trash the dress photos in June will be with MY car. :) and that makes me happy.

So without further ado - here's my black beast.


  1. Nice pics but let's see some motor!!

  2. Yow! What a car! What a gal!

    I knowed you was loaded with talent!

    Good work, Rebecca.