Wedding Photography Workshop at the Cotton Mill - McKinney, TX

If you're following us on Facebook (you should be! :-p), then you'll know we were out of town this weekend. We drove up to the other side of Dallas to McKinney, TX for a wedding photography workshop hosted by Leslie Spurlock. Leslie was our wedding photographer, and I love following her work. Leslie will also be taking my trash the dress photos here in a couple of months! I even considered modeling for the workshop - but decided to go as a photographer instead. And i'm so glad I did!! Justin went too just to hang out, and we both had a fantastic time. Leslie had so many great models there that were previous clients of hers, that we practically got to work one on one with them. I seriously can't wait to show you all of the fun stuff I got to shoot. I wish I could stay up all day and all night and just work on those photos continuously! But I have other shoots to do and grocery store trips to make and more sessions to blog and so I'm just workin' as fast as I can. But - there's one photo that really really stood out while I was shooting, and this couple was HOT and Fabulous with a capital F. So I'm going to tease you with this one.

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