Black & White Wednesday - Girls

I havent gotten to shoot alot for myself lately. I really need to get out and shoot some floral macro photography or some photos for my family that we just cant seem to get schedules in line for. Oh well. I guess it's all ok when I get to meet girls that are as cute as these 4!

My best friend Amanda's friend Tara was in town for a few days and wanted to see if I was available at all for a photoshoot of these lovely young girls. If you're in the Houston area...can you say ICK at all the gross rain we've had day after day after day and it's still coming... We had planned on shooting Sunday, but that totally didn't happen. So I did something I don't typically do, and rescheduled for a week night. Last night to be exact. We started off at the park, but because of the rain... the mosquitos were awwwwwful. And this really had the girls upset. See?

I wish so much that we could have stayed there and played on the hill and under the trees. The light was perfect and this area wasn't very crowded, but it was near impossible to continue there.

I suggested we go grab some ice cream, and off we went.
The girls then decided that they thoroughly enjoyed playing on the cement of the parking lot and shopping center, much more than the park.

Luckily, i found a small patch of grass, and they managed to sit still for all of two seconds.

but see why i wanted to stay at the park? All you had to say to this one was "Show me your teeth!"

More to come soon!

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