Monday Mishmash / 1 /

I've been staring at a thesaurus for hours. I was trying to find adjectives that meant "random" or "fun" or "casual" that matched the first letter of a day of the week so I would have a reason to post totally random nonsense once a week. (nerd alert!) Well, the adjectives were uncooperative. And I'll be really honest and tell you I hadn't seen the word adjective or even thought about what exactly an adjective or noun was in...far too long. years i think. But the adjectives let me down. And then I came across a nifty little noun called mishmash. Within the definition of mishmash was the word hodgepodge and I was sold. And that's how we got here. Monday Mishmash is going to be quite...random. I'll likely jump around a lot. And share completely random things you had no idea about, which may lead to my strangeness scaring you off. But I hope just the opposite happens and that you're able to connect with us on a different level. And I hope you'll share something remotely similar with us too. Let's get this party started...

/ the way i talk /
In case you haven't noticed, I use the word totally, alot. I use way too many exclamation marks when I'm typing & excited, and when I'm talking & excited, I talk really really fast. And use my hands!!! Geeze I'm loud too. I use punctuation incorrectly, but I use it to accentuate the way it would sound if it was actually coming out of my mouth. I do use the word geeze. and skeered. and fantabulous. and other words I make up on the spot.

/ music /
Justin got me a keyboard for Christmas. I tought myself to play piano like 12 years ago. But once I moved out of great-grandmas house 10 years ago, I didn't get to play near as often as I needed to. We found a local music store that has sheet music available and picked up easy piano books for The Wizard of Oz & Grease Soundtracks. I'm totally serious. Easy piano is hard y'all. Totally jealous of all the piano players on youtube.

/ ghosts /
Holy bageebus have you read Bobby Earle's blog lately? I first mentioned Bobby here (and I won that shootsac by the way!!!). Next time you see me, let's have some chai lattes and swap ghost stories. You know you wanna. I'll tell you all about my great grandmas house and the stories of my hometown that are actually published in two of the true ghost stories of texas books that you can bet I'll be looking for next time I go to Barnes & Noble. I wish I knew what happened to the copies I had as a kid.

/ softball /
We started practice yesterday for the spring season. Hadn't touched a bat since October. Please don't make me move much today. Ouchie.

And because all posts are better with a photo... these awesome folks are going to have their first child this week. Stay tuned for the full maternity session!

Have a good week y'all!

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  1. Yes, my sweet, wonderful, mishmash of my eldest granddaughter. You do talk fast, but it is worth hearing.