Monday Mishmash / 4 /

I hope you all had a more relaxed weekend that I did! I'm really not sure where I found time to sleep. We photographed an interesting open house on Friday, followed by our first softball games of the season (we won both - I even hit a home run!!!). Saturday, we headed to Galveston with the Northside Mustang Car Club - more on that in a minute. And Sunday, sweet Sunday, was spent doing yard work, laundry, cleaning house, and other random errands. I'm now sporting a sunburn. Let me explain why...

/ Galveston /
We headed to Galveston about 12:30 to eat lunch and meet up with the other mustangs. About 3 oclock we headed to San Louis pass for a photoshoot.

/ The Photoshoot /
There was probably 15 photographers or so there. We weren't there as photogs, we were there as mustang owners, but of course I had my camera out. They also had 5 models. In bikinis. Which I did not photograph for various reasons. 1 - I didn't sign any forms, or get copies of the model releases. 2 - I plain didn't want to. Our car's a sexy beast by itself and I don't need a half naked chick to get in front of it and distract from it. Plus, she leaves fingerprints. It's all good tho because the models flocked to the grabber blue 2010 - with good reason. If I was model, I'd want to pose with that car too.

/ Leaving Galveston /
There was a 4 car wreck on the Galveston Causeway Saturday at 4:30. So when we left San Louis Pass about 5:15 to head to the Saturday night car show, well, we couldn't. There also happened to be a wreck on 61st street I think, so in about an hour and fifteen minutes, we made it maybe a mile. By 6:30 we had pulled into a parking lot to give our clutch a break. We then gave up waiting for traffic to get going and headed back into Galveston to meet up with the Northside guys again and eat dinner. When we left there about 10, well, traffic was still stopped on the causeway from another accident. So after an unexpected 10 hrs in Galveston, I'm a little red and crispy.

/ Traffic Accidents /
People, dear people : learn to drive! Don't drink, don't text, check your tire pressure and tread, and just plain pay attention on the road. Please oh please oh please.

I leave you with Jarred's grabber blue hotness:

And because I just can't help it (it's black, come on!), meet our new friend Kevin and my first rolling shot in about 4 years!

Justin posts alot about cars over on his tumblr if you're interested ;)
Have a good week y'all!

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  1. Justin's car just plain rocks! Don't blame you for not wanting models getting finger prints all over that car :)