What's In Our Bag?

When I setup the new blog layout, I left some room for a couple of new pages - Frequently Asked Questions, What's In Our Bag, and Pricing. While the others are still under construction, I'm happy to reveal "What's In Our Bag!" This information can be permanently found in the link bar up top under info, but I'm going to repost it here for the sake of having a blog post today. ;)  At a later date, I'll be reviewing the camera bags and some other fun things for you, but if you've ever wondered what we shoot with, here you are. I also give detailed information every week in the before & after posts. Just let us know if you've got any questions!

Camera Bodies:
Canon 5D MkI (me mainly!)
Canon 7D (Justin usually!)
Canon 40D (Backup! Woot!)



Camera Bags:
Kelly Moore Bag 
^ (the only thing I asked for for Christmas!) ^

Compact flash cards of various sizes
Reflectors, light stand, & tripod

Are there things we still want? Well of course! But these items do the trick for now.
Generally, Justin will stick the 24-105 on the 7D and go to town. I like to mix things up a little. ;)

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