Monday Mishmash / 8 /

Did you all have a good Easter weekend? It's just not the same without kiddos in the household. Luckily, my Aunt invited us over for lunch, and I got a pretty good dose of the little ones! They had their egg hunt, and blew bubbles, and stole icing off the cookies. My cousin also took us down to his fire station to see the fire truck. And while that wasn't a formal shoot - the images I got from it were nothing short of awesome. Expect a full post later ;)

/ new toys /
As a kid, I always jumped for joy when I got the new Barbie or hot wheel car. Today, I scream with excitment over glass - aka lenses. I just got the beloved Canon 50mm f/1.2L and I giggled from head to toe at the first frame I took with it. It's fantastical!!!

/ gasoline /
My Aunt lives an hour away from me. So happy we bought the mini cooper. Gas mileage in it is awesome. Condiering it takes premium. and I just paid $4.19 for premium. Holy bageezes. That's insane.

/ Texas weather /
It's crazy. 'Nuff said. Why is it SO hot already??? And this wind? Where'd it come from?

Ok ok, I got in on the bubble action too...

Have a good week y'all!

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