Getaway to Great-Grandma's

Friday night I had a great opportunity to go visit my great grandma in Franklin, TX. I had a photo session in College Station Saturday morning, and any chance I get to see College Station, I use it to visit Mammaw Ray too. Her house is special. She is special. You see, she lives on the outskirts of Franklin..out in the boonies. In what they call...Boone Praire actually. I lived in a 1 room guest house in her yard for a year and a half in elementary school, and Friday I learned it's no longer there. I remember climbing the pecan tree in the front yard with my sister, and helping Mammaw Ray pick cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and peppers from her garden. She has a shed that used to be full of homemade jelly and a freezer full of ice, and when the grown-ups told you to go get ice, you ran in and out as fast as you could to avoid the wasps. I remember hanging sheets on the clothes line and using the poles holding it up as a homebase for hide and seek. My sister and I even attempted to build a treehouse in the tree outside the kitchen window with whatever pieces of wood we could find around the fields.You're lucky to get 1 bar of cell signal out there from any carrier. She has no computer, no internet, no flat screen tv, not even a voicemail on her home phone. Our favorite activity there? Playing cards. And that's exactly what we did Friday. We played King on the Corner with Mammaw Ray and Justin and me played War (I won!). We stuffed ourselves with homemade food and sweets, and when you say you're full, Mammaw Ray tells you to eat more. Five minutes later, she'll tell you again! Mammaw Ray's house is the best.

These are some of the many photos in her hallway. These are her kiddos. (My grandma is on the far left). And on the far right down there...that's Mammaw Ray. She'll be 92 next month!

I need more weekends like this one.


  1. She has always been a special aunt to me...did not get to go there as much as I wanted but always enjoyed it. If you left there hungry it was your own fault! Felt guilty sometimes eating so much but she seems to get so much enjoyment out of cooking so I didn't feel too bad. Lol

  2. These pics and your story are great! Bawling my eyes out! I think she's had that deck of cards for 20 years! Thank you! Mammaw and being there at her house is the best! At least she's too old now to tell you to go out and get you a switch so she could use it on you! Lol....well, I think she would actually still try!!!