Where's Justin?

I can't remember if I've ever said much about who shoots what, but the thing is, I (Rebecca) do most of the shooting and editing around here :) Justin accompanies me to most of our weddings and occasionally engagement sessions. But the kiddos and families? Nah. Not unless I need help with something specifically like lighting or carrying heavy objects. So the weekend before last when I was shooting mini sessions in Clear Lake, Justin was in Galveston. Doing this:

Yeah, that's our newest mustang. A 2008 Shelby GT500, red and white, just like the opening scene from I Am Legend!

Here's a few of our friends too!

If you see us out driving, wave! :) I'm sure the windows will be down, even if it's freezing outside and we have to have the heater on. It's just more fun that way.


  1. When did you get another mustang? And why didn't I know about it?