Laura & Jaycee

So I think my relationship with Laura went something like this: I "liked" her photography page on facebook because she was photographing people I knew, we have a bunch of mutual friends so she requested to be my friend, she "liked" my page on facebook, we "liked" each others statuses and left some comments and become e-friends, and many many months later, she decided she needed to get out from behind the camera, and get in FRONT of it with her little princess! I was excited! I thought her little girl would be used to having her picture taken, but she was not on the same page as me that day. Maybe it was the cold, I'm not sure. But Laura's exact comment after seeing the photos was "awesome!!! thank you again, a million times! i know she is a mess, but i'm amazed at how you can't even tell! ;)"   And well, that's my job! It was a challenge, which makes me even happier with the final outcome. Thank you Laura!

Laura said this picture on the right was her to a "T" - so I know the shoot was a success!

Families are my favorite! Contact me below and let me capture yours. :)


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