Second Shooting the Coonfield Wedding at Ashton Gardens - Houston

Krystal of Ever After Photography invited me to shoot this awesome wedding with her! I jumped at the chance when she asked because well - I wanted to see what the other roll of photographer was. You know, to not have to get the must have shots. To use different lenses. And see what Justin sees on a wedding day.  (ok ok, and it's because Ashton Gardens is a gorgeous venue!) It was such a great experience, and one I certainly hope I get to do again! Thank you Krystal!

And another thanks to the bride & groom, Leslie & Chris, for being SO welcoming! Judging from their emotional and sweet toasts, I know they are like that all the time, and everyone they know is blessed to have them in their lives. It was a pleasure to be there. Congrats y'all!

Please go check out Krystal's favorite photos on her blog, here.

Here's some of mine.


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