Sheri & David are engaged!

Raise your hand if you think I go overboard on my same day/next day sneak peeks? Now raise your hand if you think it's a bad thing. Doh! Sometimes I just get so excited! I met up with Sheri & David in the museum district yesterday morning. I knew we were going to have fun but we had a bah-last!!! Sheri was initially concerned about the cold, but I reassured her that we had taken our own engagements on the coldest day of 2008 and that yesterday was a good 30 degrees warmer than that. So I kept her coat around my waste just in case, and let her stand in the sun whenever possible. And David kept rubbing her arms (and legs while they were sitting) to keep her as warm as he could too. So sweet :) We'll be shooting Sheri & David's wedding in April, and I'm now looking forward to it even more. Sheri & David - thanks for braving the cold, listening to me get tongue tied from talking too fast, and for knowing just when to get go from serious to silly. See you again soon!

What a way to start 2012 engagements! We want to capture your love on camera too. Contact us below for more info.


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