Janet & Gary's Maternity Session / Webster, TX

Janet & Gary pull up for their session...and the only things that are going through my head at the time is that she's a super cute pregnant lady, and I've gotta ask Gary how many times he gets asked about his name being Gary Allen, even tho it's not spelled the same. He promptly tells me he gets that all the time, but owns all of Gary's records, so he's fine with it! Then I find out that Janet's a photographer too. A little fact she left out of her email to book the session. No pressure, right?! Actually, there wasn't. We had lots of laughs discussing reflector usage and explaining them to clients (she got to be on the receiving end of the bright shiny light), and how our husbands tagalong to hold them (Justin was there, yay!!) And we walked and talked about starting out and our current package options and only got distracted once by some semi small snakes. And by some, i mean like five. Janet & Gary - thanks for being so friendly and fun! We had a great time with you guys!


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  1. Cute, Becca! She is such a sassy, adorable prego!