Our German Shepherd Puppy. And a Canon 5D Mark III.

My oh my look how much he's grown!  He's 10 1/2 weeks old now. You know how they say...terrible 2's for toddlers? Well...he acts like that right now. He's potty trained and already knows sit and shake and sometimes he acts like he knows lay down. About another week and we'll start training him more intensively...for the biting, and stay, and heel and all that fun stuff. Oh wait, you read Canon 5D Mark III in the title...you're here for that huh? Well I've had thaaaat about a week now. And it's marvelous. The focusing system is exactly what I was hoping for, and it's allowing me not to overshoot. I used to take 5-6 frames per pose/composition just to ensure one was in focus at f/1.4...and I have to force myself to stop after 1-2 now because I know it nailed it. That was pretty much worth the upgrade alone, and every review I've seen says the same thing. So if you're looking for an extensive review here...look elsewhere...for now. I'm still fiddling with it and customizing buttons and relearning the large amount of menu options. In the meantime...Eaton's awesome. Now I've got a model 24/7. All below taken with 5D Mk III w/ 70-200 f/2.8L IS or 50mm f/1.2L. I think he thinks he's a vegetarian...


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